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Benefits of the VIP ShoppingDeal membership

I become a
VIP Member

In order to benefit from all promotions, subscribe to a $34.90 monthly membership which is automatically renewable with no ongoing obligation.

I receive a welcome offer

Purchase the welcome offer product, send your proof of purchase (picture or scan) at the address and we will refund you on your Paypal account.

I benefit from $35
refund vouchers

Save up to $140 every month. Each week, you will have the choice between 4 offers on the same principle than the welcome offer (buy the product, send the proof of purchase back, get your refund).

$35 Refund
Each week

Each week, you will receive our exclusive offers directly in your email box ! You will choose among 4 $35 refund vouchers. These offers work like the welcome offer and propose everyday life products.


Your purchases bring you money

Each time you pass an order to one of our cashback merchant partner's site, ShoppingDeal will pay you back a certain % of your order.


The Best promotions from the web

No need to shop around all the e-commerce websites to look for the best offers. ShoppingDeal do it for you by putting them here all together.


Great Deals

Deals are local promotions on products or services which are proposed on a daily basis by businesses in your city.

What is ShoppingDeal?

What is ShoppingDeal about ?

ShoppingDeal is the first membership site for deals, discounts and promotions where you can for only $34.90 per month save up to $140 every month.

Who created ShoppingDeal?

Ten Media Pte Ltd. If you have questions to ask us about VIP subscription, you can ask them by writing to the following email address:

How to contact ShoppingDeal ?

You can email us at
or call us at 6227 9038
Monday - Friday : 10 am to 6.30 pm.

How much does a VIP membership to ShoppingDeal cost?

If you subscribe to ShoppingDeal's welcome offer, you are authorising Ten Media Pte Ltd to charge you $1 to benefit both from a gift and a VIP access for a trial period of 72 hours. At the end of this trial period, your membership shall be renewed every 30 days, and you shall be charged $34.90.

Do I have to subscribe for a fixed period?

No, VIP membership has no ongoing obligation. You can unsubscribe from ShoppingDeal whenever you like by following the procedure in our Terms of Use. However, by unsubscribing, you will lose all the advantages that come with ShoppingDeal